Sunday, March 31, 2019


(Nature's) March Madness

An afternoon walk gave me a media card full of flowers.
Yes--call it nature's slam-dunk after all the rain.

                                        And here comes the bunny . . .

                                       Time for a walk and a smile.

Sunday, March 17, 2019


Two days ago . . .

                 March 15th 2019



A Famous Poet Dies In His Sleep


W. S. Merwin was a gentleman--a gentle man. I met 
him only once--once was enough for a memory that
would last me until this day 20 years later.
I had carried around a collection of his poems
since my college days at CSULB.
In 1999 I noted that Merwin would be reading
at the Times/UCLA Festival of Books. That
day I rushed to the Poetry Corner, knowing there
would likely be a crowd.
I spotted him approaching the tent and like any
crazy with enthusiasm poet, words of appreciation
gushed, "Oh, Mr. Merwin, I love your poems!"
      "Good afternoon." He smiled. 
      " I just wanted you to know my favorite. . ."
      "Oh, what poem is that?" When I saw that he
really wanted to know, I pulled out my copy of
Writings To An Unfinished Accompaniment  and
turned to page 22. 
When he saw the book, he mused "that's an old one."
Glancing over the page, recalling whatever feelings
had engender the writing of "Their Week" he asked
if he could borrow the book, "I'll read that poem--I kinda like it."

And so he did.

While he read it, I brought up my camera and very discreetly 
captured an image as I listened. A poor quality photo--but
the moment was captured. After the reading, Merwin signed
the page and handed the book back to me. And now I am
handing on this story to you. 

The memory as fresh as that day: April 24, 1999.

                    Rest In Peace W. S. Merwin
           May you weave the bells of poetry forever.

Sunday, February 10, 2019


You may recall the Joni Mitchell song,
"Both Sides Now."
I've looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down . . .

Well, these days there are lots of clouds in
Southern California!  We are grateful for
the rain they bring. (No flooding, please.)

The Santiago Creek offered her gift to me this week.


They say we write the words we need to hear;
perhaps we take the pictures we need to see.

"Clouds" arrive in everyone's life -- sometimes when
we are least prepared for them. You know what I
If there are clouds in your life today, I pray for you--
for the grace to somehow see your trials from both sides.

                    I wish you Peace.


Thursday, January 17, 2019


Today the world lost a friend.

Mary Oliver died at the age of 83.

Mary Oliver was a poet of nature, with language
that did more than celebrate--it taught us how
to live. Her voice will be missed. 

I am indebted to Oliver and inspired by her 
words on prayer being a "doorway/
into thanks and a silence in which/
another voice may speak. . ."

                 Rest In Peace

Saturday, October 27, 2018


Someone needs a rose right now.

If that person is you, know this single

white flower is meant as a sign of Peace.


          Peace & Love

Monday, October 1, 2018

Time For October

Are you ready?

Nature wants a change --even if only little by little.

Hurrah!   Fall

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Donald Hall


Yes, I have a beautiful letter from him.
Yes, it gives me hope.
Yes, I am indebted to Donald Hall. . .
as so many poets are!

                          ~  Happy 90th Birthday  ~


                                       Poets are never really gone are they? 

                                                       Their poems live
                                        far beyond their days in this world!

                                                          Rest In Peace