Monday, March 28, 2016



And now you have time to reflect on your 
greatest Easter gift this year:

Maybe something you had given up for Lent?
Maybe a poem or a card someone sent?
Maybe a full church of happy people?

We all have our unique gratitude list.
So now on Easter Monday, when you have
time, look out the window and maybe
you will see even nature rejoicing.

             ALLELUIA !

Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7th 2016

Luther Burbank Born on this day in 1849

      (Horticulturist who developed hundreds of
    new varieties of flowers, fruits, and vegetables)


                 His home & gardens in Santa Rosa, CA 
                         are a photographer's delight.

   Artichoke Flower-- Who knew?

And by the way, the next time you bite
into an amazing Santa Rosa Plum you
might think about Luther Burbank.


Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6th 2016


Just that one word and we think art.
Most would agree he was one of the
greatest artists in the world.
Born on this day in 1475. 

What was his most astounding creation?
For Lent we turn to the Pieta.
The dialogue in this You Tube will hopefully
become a contemplation.

Michelangelo, Pietà, 1498-1500

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 2, 2016

Thomas Kennerly Wolfe, Jr.

           Born this day in 1931

Being a writer requires two people:
the person writing and the person reading;
or the person speaking and the person listening.

One night in the 1990's I met Tom Wolfe who had
come to speak at Chapman University. It was a
classy evening. Tom Wolfe paid tribute to the art 
of writing by the way he presented himself.
On such an evening you go home and write.

                    TOM WOLFE

                 In his six-button
                 cream colored vest
                 and his high forehead
                 hair falling part at the left
                 Tom Wolfe tailored facts
                 and fit them into a life
                 of their own. Smiling
                 he said, I am not the writer
                 who can't go home.
                                      -Kathleen Gunton

         Happy Birthday! 

           to the writer who founded what
           we now call the New Journalism 

       Here's a quote on what he says he found--we
are richer for it. . . 
      "I found a great many pieces of puctuation and
typography lying around dormant when I came along--
and I must say I had a good time using them."
                                                    -Tom Wolfe