Saturday, October 14, 2017

Variations for a Celebration

My good writer friend from Laurel, MD
has advised me to add something to this blog.
"It's been awhile and your fans will think the
site has gone dark or that you've died."
                         He is right.

This is the month (and we all have one), where
we look at our life through the lens of one more

And so to all the loving, caring and generous
friends and family who remembered
my day with cards and texts and emails and flowers
and gifts of every sort, allow me to thank you here.

      Fall-fill of color
      One butterfly perched
      See the curly willow branch


         In a white bouquet
         Rose and Lily link
         Such purity of purpose             


     Peach-pink cheeks nestle
     Above Baby's Breath
     Only Love can love this way

   Sunflowers gather
   Mums in this autumn
   Poetic conversation

Love and thank you hugs especially to: 

Kathy L, Sandee & Fred, Teresa & Joel, Joe & Rosa
Rob & Brooke & Brandi, Gloria & Bob, Mo- & Gary, 
Bob & Carey, Anita & Steve, Phil & Judy & Ashley, 
Orman & Laurel, Dave F, Maurice O, Amanda & Abraham,
Nick, Alberta, Lynne & Eric, Jeanne & Don, 
and Mother Judith--who shares my birth day.

           You are each a blessing in my life!