Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Weekend 2015


Some people love getting dressed up
for Halloween while others close their
doors and their minds to fun

The beautiful, terrible magic may be
your real face transformed--or a mask
to hold a cover over being recognized.

Who are you and why? 

The English teacher who transforms
herself into "Maleficent" has always
been your favorite--and now you
find she has another side. . .?


The face in the window, which is not
anyone but could be your best friend.
Will she choose the mask and do 
something crazy because "she's just
not herself ?"

This is that holiday with many permissions
attached to it -- not to mention sweets.
Indulge and have fun. 

Happy Halloween! BE SAFE.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday, October 29th 2015


Did you know that today is National Cat Day?

If you love that kitty in your lap or the one that comes to
your backdoor to beg--then maybe you are celebrating
a day for your soft, comforting friend.

A cat can wedge its way into your life. Even if it's only a
little fellow that pays you a leg rub when you go for your
walk in the morning.  You are touched and feel a connection.
This cat has a good owner and you are just a passer-by. 
Still . . .

           What was God thinking?

Cats are lovely creatures. They come in a mixture
of breeds and their coats are multi-colored.


Color speaks to us. Color can change our mood.
What is your favorite color? and when you were
growing into your life did you favor one color and
wear it everyday?

Someone has a birthday today. Her world of color
is changing. Purple everything has now taken a bit
of a backseat to seafoam green. 
How did that happen?
We all change and most of the time that's a good thing.
It means we are growing and discovering.

So what if there are no blue-green hibiscus

On your special day, you can dream--

Happy Birthday!  Brookie. . . sweet dreams.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday, October 12th 2015

Poetry & Thanksgiving

Today is a little dash of color with words.
If you were in Canada you would be celebrating
Thanksgiving! (Wouldn't it be nice here in the States
to have some time for reflection around the special holidays
of Love & Peace & Family & Gratitude?)
* Now may be an appropriate time to give a shout out to
Archbishop Paul-Andre Durocher of Gatineau, Quebec,
who has suggested the idea of women deacons in the
Roman Catholic Church. Yes! It is time.

Today is the birthday of poet Paul Engle (1908-1991) 
who said, "The way to praise a poet is to write a poem."

And since yours truly is also celebrating a birthday today,
I've decided to share a cento from my collection in progress.
Some wonderful journals have published my centos which
(as poets know) is very promising.
A poem from Patrick Kavanagh to me and now to you:

                                                MY CLOAK OF GOLD
                                                      -Patrick Kavanagh: Cento                                

                                                I came to a great house on the edge of a park
                                                Something discovered vividly and sudden.
                                                (God must be allowed to surprise us.)
                                                That beautiful, beautiful, beautiful God
                                                Not the abstract Creator but He who caresses
                                                In the light.
                                                On the road we walk nobody is unwanted—
                                                A world that was and now is poised above time
                                                So full of repose, so rich with life
                                                And verse that can redeem a soul.
                                                Spread the news, tell all. if you love me—
                                                Unwilling saint.

                                                I will have love, love, love.
                                                God’s gift to this poetic nation.
                                                O wealthy me! O happy state.
                                                So I take my cloak of gold
                                                I’m as happy as I’ve ever been
                                                Great glory to the King!

                                                If my voice still echoes there
                                                Bring out a book as soon as you can.

                                                                                    -Kathleen Gunton