Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday, July 23rd 2014

After Children

Today brings together two very different

St Bridget of Sweden was born on this day in 1303
She was the mother of eight children. She married
at fourteen and became a widow 20 years later. She
devoted her life to prayer and good works after her
husband died.
She was declared the patron saint of Europe.

On July 23, 1823 Coventry Patmore was born in England.
After their mothers died he took it upon himself to raise
all eight of his children.
His poetic talent was never highly regarded. Though chances
are you have heard a few lines from his poem, "The Toys."

"And I, with moan,
Kissing away his tears, left others of my own."
"To God, I wept, and said:
  . . . Thou rememberest of what toys
We made our joys. . . 

For some the poem is about a Heavenly Father 
who knows us and forgives us as His children.

Stories can flower whenever we
take the time to find connections.

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